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Climate Regenerative Victory Gardens

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Here’s what you, the powerful, self-determined individual you are, can do to heal our planet 🌎 The below is a direct quote from the innovative #RonFinley and #RosarioDawson as produced by #KissTheGround and #GreenAmerica 💋

“Planting a garden can change the world!⁣

1. DITCH THE CHEMICALS - If you don’t want it in your body, don’t put it on your food. Period. ⁣

2. KEEP THE SOIL COVERED - Any plant is better than no plant. They protect and build the soil.⁣

3. ENCOURAGE BIODIVERSITY - Diversity is resilience. It makes America great and so it goes for your garden.⁣

4. GROW FOOD - Food from your garden means way fewer miles than food shipped all the way to your grocery store.⁣

5. COMPOST - Use your food scraps to create probiotics for your soil AND keep food out of landfills.”⁣

Plant your garden and share here ⚡️ ⁣

Thank you Green America and #kisstheground for sharing! Now... who’s with me?!

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