• Kelsey Crane

I Choose Seed

🐇 I choose the GREEN pill(s) 🐇

… the @seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic that is! Here’s why (and yes, this is an #ad because #accountability is 🤌):

🦠 53.6 Billion AFU

🦠 Contains 24 clinically and scientifically studied, broad-spectrum strains to support systemic health

🦠 Focus on Digestive, Dermatological, and Cardiovascular Health

🦠 2-in-1 capsule safeguards viability through digestion for delivery of a 100% average

🦠 Sustainable System / refills arrive monthly in a compostable biofilm.

Wanna try? Use my code KELSEYC15 for 15% off your first month's supply

Free US shipping. International flat-rates. Skip or cancel any time. 30 day risk-free guarantee

HIGHLY recommend taking their hour long course in the @seeduniversity highlight bubbles 🤓 it’s awesome 🤯

Here’s my post x

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