• Kelsey Crane

No Sleep Til Baby

Everyone knows new parents don’t get many 💤 and trust us, we are missing those hours! 🙃

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@ouraring tracks your collective sleep so while I might wake up with only 3-4 hours under my belt, after a nap or two (if I’m 🍀) I can use my ring to see my total REM and deep sleep for the day… and I feel less overwhelmed. ⁣

We all know how good sleep contributes to our overall health, so tracking helps not only with how I plan my day (when he sleeps, I sleep) but also keeps my anxiety at bay. The hours aren’t ideal, but it’s enough. And cuddles & coffee make up for the slight delirium in those first sleepless months. ⁣

And because two hearts are better than one, #OuraRing is offering $50 off your second ring purchase for Valentine’s Day ♥️ There’s no better gift than the gift of good health. Thank you Oura for making me a proud partner ❤️ Link for Offer in my Bio ❤️

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