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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

75% of our land worldwide is degraded; It’s a global emergency.⁣

So what can we do? ⁣

✨ COMPOST - Using green bins is a start, but it is not enough. Composting is ESSENTIAL and has immense value to our health and land quality. Start one tomorrow in your home. Don’t have a yard? Find a community compost. We must get our food waste out of landfills and into our soil. ⁣

✨ BUY ORGANIC REGENERATIVELY GROWN FOOD - We need to support farmers working against increasingly challenging odds to provide us with healthy food WHILE managing their land regeneratively. We need to purchase our food DIRECTLY from them. They are the gatekeepers to human health and have the ability to pump carbon out of our atmosphere and into the soil. Tell everyone you love to do the same.⁣

✨ STOP USING CHEMICALS AT HOME - Have bare ground at home? That soil (and all its life within) is dying. Cover it with with life/plants! Buy a soil test kit at check the quality of your soil. Read a regenerative gardening book, or if you can afford it, ask an expert for help in restoring your lands health. Use your compost on your land to balance the carbon:nitrogen. I will be posting more about this soon to share my experience and findings. ⁣

✨ PROTECT SCHOOLS + PARKS - Is your child and/or grandchild’s school using toxic chemicals? Chances (much to my horror) are YES. Our kids deserve to play outside without the threat of toxic chemical exposure. There is a great site called to find out and change the toxicity in your neighborhood.⁣

✨ SOLAR PANEL YOUR HOME - This is a no-brainer. It offers a HUGE savings (I am talking up to $100,000 worth in 20-25 years) and by electrifying our homes, you now have a renewable energy source at home. It’s a win, win. We are doing this for our home in LA and I will share all the details. ⁣

The trend tipping point is 15% - That’s it! All we need is 15% of consumers telling our current food system (Big Ag) what we want, what we will buy and they will be forced to change... following our DOLLARS wherever we go. ⁣

We have the power, let’s take it back. Our children deserve nothing less.⁣

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