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Our InstaLive with Rep Provisions: A Regenerative Farm

Updated: Mar 25

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Nicholas Gonzalez (my husband) and I sat down to chat with Eric Perner from Rep Provisions. We are actively learning about Regenerative Agriculture and it’s importance to our health and the future of our planet.

✨ Have you wondered about the importance of protein quality and it’s effects on your health? ✨ Is meat production bad for the environment? ✨ What is Regenerative Agriculture? ✨ What can we do as consumers to help? ✨ You’re not alone; We have the same questions! ⁣

Here’s what discussed in our InstaLive:⁣

🌱 Eric’s Background + Savory Institute Education ⁣

🌱 The Basics of the Regenerative Movement⁣

🌱 Conventional vs Organic vs Regenerative⁣

🌱 Farmer Hardships⁣

🌱 CAFOs + Chronic Disease⁣

🌱 Eric’s Vision + Business Model⁣

🌱 What YOU can do to support ⁣

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Want to find a Regenerative Farm by you? Check out Regenerative International for a worldwide map of options.

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