• Kelsey Crane

Oura Ring: Tracking my Pregnancy and Postpartum journey.

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I’m very excited to track the last weeks of my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.

America’s techno medical approach to postpartum recovery offers women a shocking lack of support. Often, a 6 week postpartum check up will not even involve a physical exam before you’re approved to exercise and start having sex 🤯 Imagine that approach to a torn rotator cuff… no exam, no physical therapy, no education, no support. This can lead to a lifetime of pelvic floor complications and even osteoporosis. It’s unacceptable that postpartum women after a major physical event (whether that be a vaginal or c-section birth) have to advocate for our recovery as much as we do. But we do.

Individualized health care is the future 🔮 @OuraRing will provide custom insight to key aspects of my health allowing me to take an active role in my recovery. And working with experts like my incredible Doula @lbreggy ✨ and pregnancy/postpartum athleticism coach @madelinemosier ✨ have helped tremendously.

Stay tuned for more OuraRing postpartum journey shares 💍

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