• Kelsey Crane

The Carbonauts InstaLive, Part One

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We got another InstaLive for y’all ✨This one is a two-parter with a focus on the most impactful steps you can take to live a more sustainable, lower footprint life. Mickey Sumner and I took the Carbonauts live training course (5 one hour Zoom classes); It inspired significant life style changes as well as honed deep awareness to individual responsibility and activist potential. ⁣

In this first Live, we discuss:⁣

⚡️ How to Electrify your Home ⁣

⚡️ Composting and Food Waste⁣

⚡️ Diet⁣

Wanna learn more? I highly suggest their course led by environmental leader, Tree Hugger Founder and Ted presenter Graham Hill ✨ Their classes are as low as $35 and you can sign up here: Also give them a follow here ➡️ @wethecarbonauts 🌍


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