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The only way to be bad at meditation is to not do it

The only way to be bad at meditation is to not do it ✨ This is for all my (fellow) busy perfectionists out there who’ve convinced themselves, “I can’t meditate”. And while I’m no expert, rather a persistent student, I can tell you with full confidence, YOU CAN.⁣

I’ve dipped in and out of my meditation practice since 2016 when I got certified in Transcendental Meditation. My meditation often consisted of scrolling through the rapid fire click bait of my brain; It still does. BUT then one day, for one brief moment, it happened. I sunk below the turbulent oceanic surface of my thoughts into a quiet, spaceless moment. And I thought, What. Was. That?⁣

With my daughter’s birth, I found myself swept away from my practice in a busy wave of to-dos. I forgot to observe my thinking, and was instead a person defined by my thinking.⁣

After our world turned upside down in 2020, I found myself forced to deal with the physical manifestations of my stress. I took an 8 week course from Eckhart Tolle who reminded me, in his other-worldly way, about the transcendence of ego and infinite power of true consciousness. ⁣

If you’re on the cusp, this is your SIGN to start. Here are some tools to help:⁣

✨Use a Mantra - I was given one in my TM graduation ceremony, but I love, ‘Ham-Sah’ which means ‘I am that I am.’ Say this mantra in your head while breathing.⁣

✨Ride the waves of your breath - In his Master Class (highly recommend), Jon Kabat Zinn suggests imagining yourself on a raft floating up a wave as you breathe in, and down as you breathe out.⁣ (MasterClass available here)

✨ Don’t judge - If your mind is busy, listen to it. Observe the thought, and then move back to your breath or mantra. Realize you are not the thought; You’re the listener. ⁣

✨ Get comfy - I absolutely love my @malacollective pillows. Make it work for you and your body.⁣ (Use PromoCode KELSEYC20 for 20% off)

✨ Do a guided meditation - The insightful @michelekambolis leads powerful guided meditations on @insighttimer

✨ Start small - 5 deep breaths. Then 5 minutes. Then 10... and so on. It’s all enough. ⁣

Gonna leave you with this quote by Jon Kabat Zinn,⁣ “Maybe the fear is that we are less than we think we are, when the actuality of it is that we are much much more.”

Keep your light on🕯

x Kels

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