• Kelsey Crane

Zen Den: Our Eco Conscious, Non Toxic Bedroom

Zen Den ✨ High on the priority list was creating a bedroom sanctuary made with consciously eco friendly choices.⁣

🛏 The Nein Bed in Macarena Slate from Hello Medley jumped out to us for many reasons: ⁣

✨ Hand-crafted in California with a lifetime warranty; Buying furniture you can grow old with is the most sustainable option⁣

✨ Made from premium eco & non toxic materials⁣

Many choices goes into mindfully made furniture. We trust Medley to empower consumers to invest in ethical pieces #MyMedley

Bed Available Here

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🎨 Skipping Stone in Roman Clay (accent wall) and Paint from @PortolaPaints ✨ Zero Emission, Non Toxic Paint from a LA family owned business ⁣

🖼 ‘Seabound Coast' as printed on a scarf made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles ✨ From galley @canadainfocus + artist @kasstonearts ✨ InFocus Canada is a Canadian company that raises money for charity through sustainable fashion⁣

Mattress from @avocadogreenbrands ✨ Bedding from @coyuchi ✨ Accent pillow from @citizenry ✨ Sustainably Sourced Bedside Tables from @westelm

We went for it 🌎 @eltexmex #ecofriendly #sustainablelifestyle #sustainableliving #consciousliving #ecofriendlyproducts #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome

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